Important Information About Cleaning and Protecting Your Oriental and Wool Carpets

Many homes have wool area rugs, wool wall-to-wall broadloom, or maybe expensive wool or silk "oriental" area rugs and runners. Often these types of carpeting are purchased overseas or are imported, or are passed from one family member to another, sometimes picked up at an auction or obtained in another manner. Often the true worth of the carpet is unknown or underestimated.

ROTO-STATIC hesitates to assess the value of such a treasure. That is best left to the experts. However, we can tell you if the carpet is wool or silk and if it can be safely cleaned. Our manager is always happy to visit your home to personally inspect your valuable carpet and give you his expert opinion at no charge. With proper care and attention, this type of carpeting can last for decades.

Be very careful when selecting a carpet cleaning establishment to care for your special, expensive wool and oriental rugs:

So called "steam cleaning", if performed improperly or by an inexperienced employee can cause damage to this type of carpet in the form of shrinking, colours running or "bleeding", colours fading, loss of natural oils resulting in shortening the life and wearability, and "setting" of some stains. (Some "steam cleaning" companies, realizing that these hazards can occur, have been known to tell clients that it would be safest to hire ROTO-STATIC to clean and protect these special rugs.)

Over the years, ROTO-STATIC has successfully cleaned hundreds of valuable wool and oriental rugs.

If you are having your wool or oriental carpet protected with stain repellant, make certain that the proper kind of protector is used. ROTO-STATIC uses only the highest quality repellant specifically designed for wool and oriental rugs and applied by a trained technician.

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